This is a replica of the official Bane theme composed by Hans Zimmer. By replica, I mean a re-composing of the theme, having heard it in the TDKR prologue, the viral sites teaser trailer and the second official trailer.
TheGamerThing: So sad that Bane was killed so terribly. It really makes me hate the film
Vindication101: Love how the Nolan series put Batman through a crucible; Batman begins: His conviction was tested, The Dark Knight: His mind was tested and Finally Dark Knight Rises: His will was tested.
Paul hooper: bane and the joker together 
MrDeejayjfx: The FIRE RISES.
Gazaouite: epic song 
Bane798AceGamer™: Che effetti può provocare al cervello/psiche questo brano?
Vulture363: Joker watching Bane crushing Batman.
Aiden Warren: THIS IS.... SPARTA STARTA....
Tommy Kucera: THIS IS SPA-RTA
kasperi777: GYM motivation song
ricardo parys: very nice song.... for gym or lovely moments..hahah
Kevin Daniel: Can you get this on iTunes!
David Frederick: 186 people were broken
Slackrates: Well done.
DavidJonesRU: Tell me please, what tool is playing on 0:16 - 1:40 ?
Vitaly Vox: The Fire Rises in Ukraine!!! we could use this:D
choppersman08: The chants sound like they're saying " This is Russia "
maning04: THE FIRE RISES!
This name is either restricted, too long, or contains too many invalid characters.: Broke PRs to this shit
arkun k: deshi deshi basara basara real one :D
Angel Lucifer: I wonder what desh basara means? O_o? but awesome theme i love it. 
TPDManiacXC626: Prepare to march on Damascus!
Jamal Johnson: Is it just me or is that batman's face in the background? 
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